Biofabrication and 3D Printing for Precision Healthcare

yan yan shery huang

The merging of biological matter with engineering components, could transform a number of emerging fields, including regenerative medicine and bio-machine interfaces. This presentation considers my group’s recent work in biofabrication and bioprinting techniques across different length scales. Particular focus is placed on the fabrication of extracellular matrix fibre analogue, embedded 3D printing, and guided tissue assembly that could extend the feature resolution and material functionality of tissue constructs.

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From Scaffold Design to Control Stem Cell Fate to Bioprinting

lorenzo moroni

Organs are complex systems, comprised of different tissues, proteins, and cells, which communicate to orchestrate a myriad of functions in our bodies. Technologies are needed to replicate these structures towards the development of new therapies for tissue and organ repair, as well as for in vitro 3D models to better understand the morphogenetic biological processes that drive organogenesis.

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