Kidney tubulointerstitium: a microfluidic bioprinting approach

Gabriele Addario

by Gabriele Addario, MERLN Institute

It is estimated that 10% of the worldwide population suffers from chronic kidney disease (CKD) with a rising tendency. Patients with CKD have limited treatment options and novel therapies that could halt or even reverse the progression of CKD are urgently needed. Bioprinting is considered one of the most promising approaches to generate novel 3D in vitro models and organ-like constructs to investigate underlying pathomechanisms of kidney diseases.

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From Polymer Research to Bio-ink Industry

Jasper van Hoorick

by Dr. Jasper Van Hoorick, Project Leader, XPECT-INX

Biofabrication is the science using additive manufacturing (AM) for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This field is undergoing a shift from fundamental to applied research, resulting in a rapidly growing market segment.

There are a lot of formulations described in literature. However, complicated or unreliable material feeds result in very low market penetration. Consequently, potentially breakthrough research is rarely transferred from bench to bedside.

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